WooWeekly #410: File Upload, Subscriptions, Hosting

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~ Rodolfo Melogli (Business Bloomer) & David Mainayar (PeachPay)


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1. Brand New WooCommerce Tips

WooCommerce: Upload File @ Checkout Page

The only possible solution is to upload the file BEFORE the checkout is submitted, so that upon “Place Order”, the file is already available in the Media section and can be attached to the order as a simple string (URL). ~ Rodolfo Melogli, Business Bloomer

WooCommerce Subscriptions: Get Subscribers By Product

There is a neat WooCommerce Subscription function called wcs_get_subscriptions_for_product(), which does exactly that: it returns an array of subscription IDs given a chosen subscription product ID. ~ Rodolfo Melogli, Business Bloomer

Managed WooCommerce Stores (Preview) from GoDaddy

Managed WooCommerce Stores is for established businesses that seek to rapidly grow by selling in multiple channels. It eliminates the need to maintain a variety of complex ecommerce applications or cycle through add-on features for desired functionality. ~ GoDaddy

Why Is WooCommerce So Slow?

There are a lot of moving parts to WooCommerce and there are small fixes that make small improvements. However chances are that it comes down to your hosting provider. This doesn’t mean that by simply spending more for a faster, more powerful server you are going to get some relief for your growing store. ~ David Cruz, Advance Web Spaces

2. David’s WooCommerce Highlights

Here are a few notes written by David of PeachPay, WooWeekly co-author.

Your Many Options for Turning a WooCommerce Store into a Mobile App

In case you’re interested in turning your WooCommerce store into a mobile app, you should check out Metro One, which just launched its WooCommerce integration. There are quite a few of these types of store-to-app builders available now. Prominent names include Tapcart and Appmaker. Of these two, only Appmaker is available to WooCommerce stores for now, but I expect Tapcart could launch a WooCommerce integration at some point as well. 

Hosting Benchmarks & Testing

If you’re curious about the topic of hosting benchmarks, you should tune in to the Do the Woo episode featuring Kevin Ohashi and Ryan MacDonald. If you’re not sure what that means, allow me to explain. Hosting benchmarks are simply standards we can hold hosts to, thereby facilitating testing. 

Adding HTS/HS Codes & More

Wondering how to add HTS/HS codes & country of origin data to your products? Read a step-by-step guide on none other than the official WooCommerce blog. It breaks down what country of origin data, HTS codes (harmonized tariff schedule) & HS codes (harmonized system) are and the significance of them as regards WooCommerce. It ends with an easy-to-follow sequence of steps for how to add them.

3. ICYMI: WooCommerce Articles

WooCommerce: Hide “Shipping to…” Address @ Cart

Even when the “shipping calculator” is disabled on the WooCommerce Cart page, a “Shipping to…” string will appear in the cart totals if an address has been previously entered or if geolocation is enabled. Let’s hide it! ~ Rodolfo Melogli, Business Bloomer

WooCommerce: Rename Downloads Table Column Title @ My Account

The WooCommerce My Account > Downloads endpoint features a table which lists the available downloads. This table has 4 default columns: Product, Downloads remaining, Expires, Download. Now, it’s very likely you may want to rename these headings into something more readable or understandable. ~ Rodolfo Melogli, Business Bloomer

WooCommerce: Hide Specific Orders (e.g. On Hold) From My Account Orders Page

It may happen that you, as a WooCommerce store manager, need to hide certain orders, for example the “on-hold” ones, or all orders with a custom order status. Thankfully, this is very easy with a few lines of PHP. ~ Rodolfo Melogli, Business Bloomer

WooCommerce: Add a New Country For Billing/Shipping

In this edge case study, we’ll basically take a look at how to add a custom country, how to make sure this custom country shows at checkout as a possible option (and in the shipping zones admin section), and also how to assign to it a custom list of states. You never know! ~ Rodolfo Melogli, Business Bloomer


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