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WooWeekly is a weekly newsletter for WooCommerce developers, designers and store owners.

Right now it sends to 15,000+ subscribers, with a 25%-30% open rate and a 3-5% click rate. Besides, we copy the email content on this same website for SEO, backlinking and archive purposes (here’s an example).

The audience is split between WooCommerce developers/designers with some coding skills and WooCommerce store owners who love to DIY as much as possible. Of course, there are many vendors too, such as plugin developers, themers and hosting providers.

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What are the sponsorship options?

In regard to WooWeekly sponsorship, there are 3 options:

  • a top-of-the-email single sponsor slot (‘stage‘), with logo, name, description and button link, together with a link to a useful WooCommerce resource or latest post if any. Mention on every wcwkly.com page in the footer “Supporters” area, forever; mention with link and description on the issue’s web version page; mention with link and description on this same “Sponsors” page. Price $997 for 4 weeks (2021 booked out). Buy now *
  • middle-of-the-email multiple sponsor slots (‘orchestra‘), with name, description and text link. Mention with link on this same “Sponsors” page. Price $397 for 4 weeks. Buy now
  • a bottom-of-the-email multiple sponsor slots (‘balcony‘), with name & text link. Mention on this same “Sponsors” page. Price $97 for 4 weeks. Buy now

(*) There will be moderation in regard to the main STAGE slot i.e. it has to be relevant to WooCommerce, WooWeekly and Business Bloomer content otherwise it won’t be accepted unfortunately.

Thanks to our sponsors!

WooWeekly wouldn’t be possible without our sponsors. Starting from issue #357 (a bit late ah!) we started selling sponsorship slots so we could create even more content and plan for greater things.

GoDaddy PRO WordPress Ecommerce hosting with WooCommerce gives you the freedom to sell anything, anywhere online – from physical products to digital downloads, services and subscriptions. We’ve integrated WooCommerce into our Managed WordPress platform where you can choose from over 75 premium WooCommerce extensions included in your plan for as long as you host your ecommerce store with us. That’s nearly $6,000 in free premium extensions — at no extra charge — to build a powerful, customized ecommerce store.

Built for WooCommerce, Metorik gives your store eCommerce superpowers. Add your store in just a few clicks and get real-time sales reports, infinite segmentation, product & category sales, customer insights, exporting, costs & profit tracking, MRR and retention reports for WooCommerce Subscriptions, and 100s of other features. Metorik also includes an email automation and abandoned cart email tool that makes emailing your customers a breeze. Even Rodolfo is using it to send WooWeekly! 😍

PeachPay, a WooCommerce-backed company, allows customers to check out with one click. PeachPay adds an “Express checkout” button to your product and cart pages. After clicking the button, there is a simple form that customers only see once. It saves customers’ information so that they never have to fill in their information on your site or any other site using PeachPay again. Install PeachPay in minutes and let your customers check out in seconds.

Over 80,000+ store owners actively use Woosuite plugins for WooCommerce to enhance their user experience and increase the average order value. Some of their popular plugins include Wholesale Suite for WooCommerce, Dynamic pricing, Variation Swatches, and much more.

Shoptimizer is a FAST WooCommerce theme that comes with a ton of features all designed to help you convert more visitors into customers. It’s built for speed and conversions and is based upon real eCommerce research we’ve validated to generate millions of dollars on some of the biggest WooCommerce stores in the world. It includes the CommerceKit plugin which takes WooCommerce to the next level, with ajax search, order bumps, and much more. Grab a copy today for only $49!

WP Engine’s eCommerce hosting makes WooCommerce even better, helping your store run up to 40% faster, and drive up to 18% more sales. Plans come with an eCommerce-ready theme and automated plugin updates. Focus on your business, and let WP Engine protect your brand with enterprise-grade security and features such as Instant Site Search, eCommerce Gutenberg blocks, and more. Get 4 months FREE on any annual eCommerce plan with code WOOWEEKLY20

Consortia is a creator of premium WooCommerce plugins and extensions, each of which is designed to improve the eCommerce management experience for developers and online store owners. Our products focus on giving users better tools for store maintaenance, bulk order management, cost and profit tracking pricing, and order and sales reporting. Our best selling products include the Bulk Table Editor, which helps users easily set up sales and bulk update important product values, as well as other popular extensions including Cost & Reports, Bulk Category Editor and Roles & Rules B2B

Do the Woo is dedicated to helping guide, connect and elevate the WooCommerce Builder Community. Learn how to grow your Woo business by listening to your peers and colleagues on the Do the Woo podcast. Get biz tips on the Woo BizChat Podcast and discover tons of content on our community site. If you build products or services for WooCommerce, or sites using WooCommerce, the Do the Woo Builder Community is for you.

We are AG creates WooCommerce plugins that offer payment processing solutions for WooCommerce store owners. We then ensure these solutions work well for you, both now and in the future with prompt updates and support where necessary.

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