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Why should I sponsor WooWeekly?

WooWeekly is a weekly newsletter for WooCommerce developers, designers and store owners.

Right now it sends to 18,000+ subscribers, with a 22%-25% open rate and a 2-5% click rate. Besides, we copy the email content on this same website for SEO, backlinking and archive purposes (here’s an example).

The audience is split between WooCommerce developers/designers with some coding skills and WooCommerce store owners who love to DIY as much as possible. Of course, there are many vendors too, such as plugin developers, themers and hosting providers.

We email once/week on a Wednesday. If you haven’t signed up yet and wish to receive the next issue, feel free to sign up here.

What are the sponsorship options?

In regard to WooWeekly sponsorship, there are 3 options:

  • a top-of-the-email single sponsor slot (‘STAGE‘), with logo, description and button link. Mention on every wcwkly.com page in the footer “Supporters” area, forever; mention with link and description on the issue’s web version page; mention with link and description on this same “Sponsors” page. Also, you can share one WooCommerce-related article for each issue from your own blog; in this way you have more chances to get clicks as this is shared natively within the newsletter’s WooCommerce tips section. Price $997 for 4 weeks. Sold out until Jun 2024
  • middle-of-the-email multiple sponsor slots (‘ORCHESTRA‘), with logo, description and text link. Mention with link on this same “Sponsors” page. Also, you can share one WooCommerce-related article for each issue from your own blog; in this way you have more chances to get clicks as this is shared natively within the newsletter’s WooCommerce tips section. Price $397 for 4 weeks. Buy now
  • a bottom-of-the-email multiple sponsor slots (‘BALCONY‘), with description and text link. Mention on this same “Sponsors” page. Price $97 for 4 weeks. Buy now

(*) There will be moderation in regard to all slots i.e. your company has to be relevant to WooCommerce, WooWeekly and Business Bloomer content otherwise it won’t be accepted unfortunately and a full refund will be issued.

Who is the average WooWeekly subscriber?

WooWeekly has currently 18,000 subscribers, 22-25% open rate and 2-5% click rate (this is for the actual email). Then, there is steady traffic to this same website, both to the sponsors page (where you, as a sponsor, will be featured together with the other ones) and the newsletter issue pages, where your links will be shared as well.

In regard to the subscribers we currently don’t use tagging, however approximately 85% of them are WooCommerce developers and designers, 10% are WooCommerce/WordPress vendors (plugins, themes, hosting, etc), and the other 5% are WooCommerce store owners.

Of those 85% WooCommerce devs/designers, I believe the split is 75% “junior” and 25% “senior” in regard to WooCommerce expertise. With “junior” I mean somebody who is confident pasting snippets from StackOverflow, while with “senior” I mean somebody who is able to create a simple WooCommerce plugin or able to troubleshoot PHP errors, warnings and notices.

Who sponsored WooWeekly so far?

WooWeekly wouldn’t be possible without our sponsors. Starting from issue #357 (a bit late ah!) we started selling sponsorship slots so we could create even more content and plan for greater things.

Built for WooCommerce, Metorik gives your store eCommerce superpowers. Add your store in just a few clicks and get real-time sales reports, infinite segmentation, product & category sales, customer insights, exporting, costs & profit tracking, MRR and retention reports for WooCommerce Subscriptions, and 100s of other features. Metorik also includes an email automation and abandoned cart email tool that makes emailing your customers a breeze. Even Rodolfo is using it to send WooWeekly!

Convesio is a host designed specifically for high-traffic WooCommerce stores. Unlike other hosts, our infrastructure was built from the ground up using modern technology, so your site won’t slow down or crash during critical sales events like Black Friday / Cyber Monday. Using powerful tools like New Relic, Docker, and Redis, we optimize our customers’ sites for maximum performance. Plus, our team of Scale Ops experts can be on-call during live events to immediately fix any unexpected issues. If you need a host that can handle serious eCommerce traffic, give Convesio a try.

Barn2 is a leading provider of WooCommerce plugins known for quality, reliability, and excellent support. They recently won Seshie awards for “Store of the Year”, plus extension of the year for their innovative WooCommerce Product Options plugin. Other popular plugins include WooCommerce Product Table, Wholesale Pro and Product Filters. Barn2’s plugins are the ultimate solution for WooCommerce store owners wanting to take their business to the next level. Get an exclusive 20% discount off individual products or the 23-plugin All Access Pass when you buy using this link

GoDaddy PRO WordPress Ecommerce hosting with WooCommerce gives you the freedom to sell anything, anywhere online – from physical products to digital downloads, services and subscriptions. We’ve integrated WooCommerce into our Managed WordPress platform where you can choose from over 75 premium WooCommerce extensions included in your plan for as long as you host your ecommerce store with us. That’s nearly $6,000 in free premium extensions — at no extra charge — to build a powerful, customized ecommerce store.

SiteGround hosts 2,800,000+ domains and is one of the biggest independent hosting providers, recommended by WordPress.org and Woo. Their premium-value services include managed WooCommerce hosting that helps you start and manage your online store easily, and make it fast and secure. They do the work for you – with tons of automations, cutting-edge integrations and powerful tools. They help you optimize your e-shop performance, sell any product or service, accept out-of-the-box payments, configure shipping options and more.

PeachPay, a WooCommerce-backed company, allows customers to check out with one click. PeachPay adds an “Express checkout” button to your product and cart pages. After clicking the button, there is a simple form that customers only see once. It saves customers’ information so that they never have to fill in their information on your site or any other site using PeachPay again. Install PeachPay in minutes and let your customers check out in seconds.

Over 80,000+ store owners actively use AovUp plugins for WooCommerce. AovUp Wholesale Suite is a complete B2B wholesale solution with dynamic pricing, quotes, sales agent add-on, tax exemption, bulk ordering, user registration, and more.

NitroPack is the leading site speed optimization plugin that will allow you to achieve real-world performance results. Compatible with WooCommerce, NitroPack offers a rich portfolio of features such as image optimization, advanced caching, built-in CDN, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript optimization, and more. It will take you less than 5 minutes and no technical skills to install NitroPack, then it starts applying its optimization automatically, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business. With NitroPack, you can turn your decently loading WooCommerce store into a high converting machine.

Shoptimizer is a FAST WooCommerce theme that comes with a ton of features all designed to help you convert more visitors into customers. It’s built for speed and conversions and is based upon real eCommerce research we’ve validated to generate millions of dollars on some of the biggest WooCommerce stores in the world. It includes the CommerceKit plugin which takes WooCommerce to the next level, with ajax search, order bumps, and much more. Grab a copy today for only $49!

Advanced Product Fields for WooCommerce is the market’s fastest product options plugin. It allows you to easily add extra options to your products, such as text boxes, file uploads, swatches, date pickers, and more! Store owners can easily create product configurators and customers can effortlessly customize your products and select additional options and add-ons. The plugin is developed to be lightweight, yet feature-complete! Get an exclusive 20% discount with coupon code: BBLOOMER

Our powerful ecommerce plugins have been created from the ground up to help store owners boost sales and improve customer experience. IconicWP plugins are designed so you can customize your online store without any coding knowledge. Plus, we’ve created up-to-date guides to get you started. Our plugins work well with many well-known WordPress templates/themes, page builders, and plugins. Plus, we’re always adding more! Get an exclusive 20% discount with coupon code: WooWeekly20 

Cloudways announces a new feature called Client Billing that will enable users to streamline client invoices and automate recurring revenue subscriptions. The feature will allow users to create white-label invoices with their logo and brand colors. Finally, as part of the feature, users will also be able to accept payments via Stripe.
Click here to try this feature!

Toolkit for crafting dynamic websites utilizing WordPress, Elementor, and Bricks Builder, Crocoblock has an impressive 4.9-star rating from over 1000 reviews on Trustpilot. It boasts a thriving community of 27K members on Facebook and comprehensive documentation, including video tutorials. Create listings, tailor content, fine-tune layouts, and stylize each listing item to perfection. Seamlessly generate new and refine existing Custom Post Types (CPTs) and taxonomies. Configure relations of various levels, and construct custom database tables to accommodate diverse data storage needs.

WP Engine‘s eCommerce hosting makes WooCommerce even better, helping your store run up to 40% faster, and drive up to 18% more sales. Plans come with an eCommerce-ready theme and automated plugin updates. Focus on your business, and let WP Engine protect your brand with enterprise-grade security and features such as Instant Site Search, eCommerce Gutenberg blocks, and more. Get 4 months FREE on any annual eCommerce plan with code WOOWEEKLY20.

20i Managed WooCommerce Hosting is built to scale – easily launch blazing-fast WooCommerce stores across multiple cloud platforms. We’ve baked in your favourite tools; staging, cloning, backups, CDN, Edge Cache, image/code optimisation suite, free SSLs, business-class email and WordPress Manager – no bloaty plugins required. Plus, Redis Cache and ElasticSearch come pre-installed to ensure a quick and smooth experience for all your customers.

Nexcess Managed WooCommerce hosting is fast, easy-to-use, and includes built-in performance tools like extra PHP workers and a global CDN, which means their hosting is fully optimized for selling online. Nexcess offers free migrations, a 30 day money-back guarantee, and helpful support from WooCommerce experts 24/7/365. They are even officially recommended by WooCommerce! If you’re a serious WooCommerce store owner who needs to sell without limits, get started today by visiting Nexcess.

LearnDash is taking cutting-edge e-learning methodology and infusing it into WordPress. Trusted to power the learning programs for major universities, small to mid-size companies, startups, entrepreneurs, and bloggers worldwide. Your expertise makes you money doing what you do. Now let it make you money teaching what you do. Create a course with LearnDash.

Doofinder is the intelligent site search that allows your customers to find relevant results quickly and easily. More than 8,000 online stores of all sizes increase their sales by 20% with its technology. It integrates into your store design, also in mobile format, learns from your customers’ behavior and provides you with trend information and product suggestions for your stock. Install it on your WooCommerce store in less than 5 minutes and try it for 30 days for free.

Consortia is a creator of premium WooCommerce plugins and extensions, each of which is designed to improve the eCommerce management experience for developers and online store owners. Our products focus on giving users better tools for store maintaenance, bulk order management, cost and profit tracking pricing, and order and sales reporting. Our best selling products include the Bulk Table Editor, which helps users easily set up sales and bulk update important product values, as well as other popular extensions including Cost & Reports, Bulk Category Editor and Roles & Rules B2B.

Do the Woo is dedicated to helping guide, connect and elevate the WooCommerce Builder Community. Learn how to grow your Woo business by listening to your peers and colleagues on the Do the Woo podcast. Get biz tips on the Woo BizChat Podcast and discover tons of content on our community site. If you build products or services for WooCommerce, or sites using WooCommerce, the Do the Woo Builder Community is for you.

Staggs offers an all-in-one product configurator toolkit for 2D and 3D WooCommerce products, built right into your WordPress dashboard. It’s easy-to-use and easy-to-understand for any type of user. The configurator comes packed with a lot of features, including various Option Groups (such as colors, size, materials, and features), product image generation, live pricing updates and analytics data to capture the most popular product configurations at a glance.

We are AG creates WooCommerce plugins that offer payment processing solutions for WooCommerce store owners. We then ensure these solutions work well for you, both now and in the future with prompt updates and support where necessary.

Sitewide Sales is the only all-in-one sales campaign plugin for WordPress. A successful sale is more than just a working discount code. With Sitewide Sales, you can run flash sales like the big brands. Perfectly timed banners & sale landing pages, a countdown timer, advanced discount logic and segmentation, and powerful conversion reporting. Sitewide Sales includes modules for WooCommerce, PMPro, and EDD. Use code wooweekly to download the plugin risk free with a 60 day trial, no credit card required.

Re:amaze is a customer engagement and messaging platform designed for online businesses to maximize customer satisfaction across their sales and communication channels. Provide exceptionally seamless customer experiences across all channels and meet your customers everywhere they need you – including live chat, voice, SMS, Twitter, email, Instagram, Facebook, and more. Quickly resolve problems, reduce repetitive queries and acquire customer satisfaction effortlessly. Use Re:amaze to unify your commerce tools in one place. Try it free today!

Breakdance is the new platform for WordPress website creation. With 120 built-in elements, a modern UI and workflow, and deep WooCommerce integration, Breakdance is the ultimate website builder plugin for WordPress.

Save up to 30% on your eCommerce business insurance in 3 minutes. Get a tailored liability insurance policy that will perfectly fit your WooCommerce store and any unique business needs you have. Save time and thousands of dollars on your Liability Insurance with Spott.

Recapture ends your abandoned cart problem with WooCommerce with our famous 5-minute install and dead simple UI. Solo store owners and small teams can rest easy knowing they don’t have to stress over learning a complicated email marketing tool, create all their content from scratch, trying to setup their own mail delivery or worry about not getting great support when they need it. Recapture has been helping stores like yours since 2015, recovering over $186 million.

Orderable, a specialized WooCommerce plugin for restaurants, revolutionizes the online ordering process by allowing customers to conveniently place pickup or delivery orders on your website, completely fee-free. This all-in-one solution handles everything, including WooCommerce installation, simplifying menu management and order processing. With its user-friendly front-end and efficient back-end, Orderable ensures a seamless experience for both customers and restaurant operators.

Dashify is a plugin that improves the appearance and functionality of the WooCommerce order admin. It helps sellers search, navigate, and manage orders faster—all in a more user-friendly UI. See order trends at the top of the orders table, jump to previous and next orders of a given status, and see key order information and actions at the top of the order edit page. Impress clients and yourself with a smooth order management experience not found in regular WooCommerce.

Meet Oowlify, the modest yet powerful ally for your WooCommerce store. Designed to unclutter your order management process, it offers discounted shipping label solutions, order tracking, customer management, simplifies customer communications, and provides insights into live store activity. Try Oowlify for free and experience a quicker, yet more efficient way to run your WooCommerce store.

StoreApps is an official WooCommerce extensions developer, committed to growing your business since 2011. The brand portfolio consists of 20+ top-quality plugins for faster store management, coupons and gift cards, marketing and offers, cart and checkout features, affiliates. Some top-selling plugins include Smart Coupons, Affiliate for WooCommerce, Smart Manager, Email Customizer Pro, Cashier, Offermative. 330K+ users trust StoreApps products to save time, sell more, retain customers and make better decisions.

Optimize the SEO of your WordPress site with SEOPress: titles and metas, xml & html sitemaps, social sharing, Analytics, Local SEO, WooCommerce SEO, automatic and manual schemas, Google News, Video sitemap, Search Console integration and so much more. Fully integrated with all page builders thanks to our Universal SEO metabox and now with AI for maximum productivity. Super easy to use, no coding required, white label, no ads. Already 300,000 active installations. Start ranking now!

Struggling to find the right words to describe your products? ProductWriter.ai is here to help. Our AI-powered tool uses your product data to generate engaging descriptions in seconds. Say goodbye to spending hours writing copy or hiring a copywriter. With ProductWriter.ai, you can generate product descriptions right within WooCommerce, no extra apps or websites are needed. Try it for free today!

An e-commerce store is more than a catalog of your products. It is a store run by a master salesman who interacts with your customers and helps you sell. We at WisdmLabs are a team of passionate WooCommerce developers with 10+ years of experience. We are certified WooExperts & have successfully completed over 300 WooCommerce custom development projects. Flexibility is our biggest perk – whatever your Woo store needs, we’ve got you covered!

Searchant is the growth focused SEO agency for ambitious WooCommerce stores. Why Searchant? Tried and tested strategies, transparent methodology, revenue-focused reporting, case studies, and over 10 years of experience. Get in touch to find out if they’re the organic growth partners for you.

Build your WooCommerce store on Dr Tech, and you will never need to worry about performance, security, updates and hosting. Dr Tech takes care of all technical aspects for you, ensuring that you can easily build, grow and scale your online store.

Dotstore is a creator of premium WooCommerce plugins. 70K+ users trust Dotstore products to save time, sell more, retain customers, and make better decisions. Our best-selling products include the Flat Rate Shipping Plugin For WooCommerce, WooCommerce Extra Fees Plugin, and Product Attachment for WooCommerce.

Premium Web Hosting for WooCommerce gives your store more concurrent connections so shoppers can connect more quickly even when the website is busy. Reach support anytime with SMS text messaging. Watch our eye-opening expose on how your hosting unfairly limits the performance of WooCommerce no matter how much you spend.

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