WooWeekly #387: Buy Once, Buy Now Pay Later, Variation Custom Fields

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Welcome back to WooWeekly, your weekly appointment with WooCommerce tutorials, tips and updates handpicked for you so that you can learn something new. Enjoy!

~ Rodolfo Melogli (Business Bloomer) & David Mainayar (PeachPay)


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1. Brand New WooCommerce Content

WooCommerce Snippet: Only Allow to Buy a Product Once

In the era of online courses, subscriptions, custom-made products and product personalization, it may happen a scenario where a user can only purchase a product once in their lifetime.

WooCommerce Tutorial: How To Enable “Buy Now Pay Later”

BNPL is a perfect payment solution that seamlessly integrates with WooCommerce and doesn’t require customers to pass a credit check or pay interest.  

7 Easy Ways to Improve the Mobile UX of Your WooCommerce Store

From adopting a few tools to redesigning your entire store, there’s a lot you can do to make it more user-friendly for mobile users.

WooCommerce Tutorial: How to Add Custom Fields to Variations

Custom fields let you add data unique to an individual variation – which can include anything from the product’s ISBN, additional specifications, radio buttons, checkboxes, etc.

2. David’s WooCommerce Highlights

Here are a few notes written by David of PeachPay, WooWeekly co-author:

“Like New” 

Lululemon — which every retailer should be watching for inspiration — recently announced it will be rolling out a “Like New” program that lets customers trade in worn Lululemon items for a gift card, and then makes these items available for purchase by other customers. This program is powered by Trove, a ten-year-old company specializing in resale technology. 

Like with most of the other interesting technology solutions I come across in the wider ecommerce world, I think this is another one worth replicating for WooCommerce merchants. If there was a self-serve plugin that let merchants easily configure such a program for their store, I think it has a solid chance of making inroads with higher-GMV merchants. 

The Evolution of Curbside Pickup

If you have a brick-and-mortar presence, a locally based customer-base, and you aren’t already offering curbside pickup, then you should probably start ASAP. 

It has recently come to light that 85% of consumers plan to maintain shopping habits they picked up during the pandemic; of these habits, buying online, picking up in-store is perhaps one of the most popular, so much so that offering this option to your customers has arguably become “table stakes,” i.e. the bare minimum. 

So now online retailers are innovating, and you should consider what would be possible for you to do here on WooCommerce. 

  1. Curbside returns: Target, Nordstrom, and more are all offering customers who bought something online to return it curbside
  2. Exclusive deals: Petco offers 10% off orders over $50 that are picked up curbside
  3. Location sharing: Panera Bread and El Pollo Loco use GPS-enabled curbside pickup services which notify store staff about someone arriving (this is, no doubt, needlessly fancy-schmancy for most of the retailers on WooCommerce) 
  4. Eliminating fees: Giant Food is eliminating minimum order requirements and pickup fees for curbside pickup
  5. Extended hours: Best Buy has extended curbside pickup availability


WooCommerce Snippet: Remove “Clear” Button @ Variable Product Page

As soon as you select a product attribute, a “Clear” button appears beside the dropdown/s in order to reset the selection/s and start anew. As usual, why “display:none” stuff with CSS when there is a PHP way?

WooCommerce Function of the Week: get_european_union_countries

You can use get_european_union_countries() for currency switching, to display conditional notices, content, or fields. Basically, whenever there is a country dropdown, get_european_union_countries() may be what you need.

5 Easy Ways to Speed up Your WooCommerce Store

There are several easy ways to speed up your slow WooCommerce store, which can be implemented very quickly with the right tools. Read on to find out how image optimization, caching and content delivery networks, and optimizing HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files can help.

WordPress: The Biggest Web Agency Summit

Atarim is set to launch its biggest annual event in the WordPress space for web agencies and freelancers. Its third annual Web Agency Summit kicks off from April 26th to April 29th, 2022, aimed at helping businesses grow substantially in 2022.


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