WooWeekly #412: Manual Orders, Subscriptions, Hosting

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~ Rodolfo Melogli (Business Bloomer) & David Mainayar (PeachPay)


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1. Brand New WooCommerce Tips

WooCommerce: Alter Product Search @ Manual Admin Orders

As soon as you click on “Add items” > “Add products“, a table displays with a product search and quantity input. That’s exactly where we’re working today: what if you have 10,000 products in your store, but only create manual invoices with the same 2-3 products? ~ Rodolfo Melogli, Business Bloomer

WooCommerce Subscriptions: Display Start-End Dates @ Cart & Checkout

It would be way more helpful if dates (and specifically the WooCommerce subscription start date and end date) showed right under the product name inside the Cart table and in the Checkout page order review, so that the customer knows exactly what they are purchasing before having to figure that out. ~ Rodolfo Melogli, Business Bloomer

2. David’s WooCommerce Highlights

Here are a few notes written by David of PeachPay, WooWeekly co-author.

WooCommerce Blocks 8.6.0 Introduces Cross-Sells Products Block

Last week, WooCommerce Blocks 8.6.0 was released with support for a new cross-sell block. The cross-sells are based on the product in the customer’s cart, as one would expect. You can read more about it here

The Evolution of WooCommerce and WordPress Hosting (and WooCommerce viability for high-volume stores) 

In case you’re in the mood for an animated discussion about how WooCommerce/WordPress hosting has changed over the years, you can listen to Zach Stepek, Till Kruss, and Carl Alexander discuss the topic. A highlight of the conversation for me was the part that addressed Native Deodorant, which didn’t relate to hosting per se but illustrates the viability of WooCommerce for high-volume stores. At one point, Native Deodorant was the biggest store on WooCommerce, doing hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue a year. But it switched to Shopify after it got acquired by Proctor and Gamble, not because WooCommerce was no longer up to the task but because all of P&G’s other properties were on Shopify. But in the process, Native actually lost certain functionality, like a questionnaire that was triggered after a subscription cancellation, which would prompt customers to downgrade instead of cancel completely. From there, the conversation proceeds to the issue of dealing with scale on WooCommerce in general, addressing fragment caching, optimizing queries, creating adequate indexes, etc. Parallels are drawn to Magento (with regard to Entity Attribute Value) and eventually the subject we’d all been waiting for (custom order tables being folded into core) is dissected.

3. ICYMI: WooCommerce Articles

WooCommerce: How to Bulk Generate Coupons Without a Plugin

Today, we’ll take a look at how to bulk generate coupon codes from the WordPress backend by using a simple PHP “for“. Once the function triggers, it will just be a matter of seconds! ~ Rodolfo Melogli, Business Bloomer

WooCommerce: Get Current User Orders By Status

This is a neat custom function that you can use in your WooCommerce customization. It can be helpful to know the list of orders placed by the current user ID. ~ Rodolfo Melogli, Business Bloomer

WooCommerce: Upload File @ Checkout Page

The only possible solution is to upload the file BEFORE the checkout is submitted, so that upon “Place Order”, the file is already available in the Media section and can be attached to the order as a simple string (URL). ~ Rodolfo Melogli, Business Bloomer

WooCommerce Subscriptions: Get Subscribers By Product

There is a neat WooCommerce Subscription function called wcs_get_subscriptions_for_product(), which does exactly that: it returns an array of subscription IDs given a chosen subscription product ID. ~ Rodolfo Melogli, Business Bloomer

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4 thoughts on “WooWeekly #412: Manual Orders, Subscriptions, Hosting”

  1. Hi Guys,

    For manual orders, do you know if there is a way to take a deposit / partial payment in the admin area?
    When I create manual orders the different order status settings do not allow me to adjust the “Paid” amount and the Woocommerce Deposits plugin doesn’t seem to help.

    Thanks in Advance,

    • Thanks for your comment Donal, and sorry about the delay – for some reason I missed the email notification. In regard to making manual orders compatible with WooCommerce Deposits, first of all have you contacted the plugin developers? What did they say?

  2. Hi Rodolfo,

    WC Deposits doesn’t have that functionality, so that option is gone.

    What I’d like to be able to do is take a manual order where he customer pays a deposit and then pays the balance when they are collecting the goods.

    Within the WC “Add an Order” screen I can’t see a way to take a partial deposit as the “Paid” amount shows the total order price and cannot be edited.


    • You’d still need to create 2 orders, one for the deposit and one for the balance. Having said that, you can definitely alter the price of a product within the “Add Order” page, so that the total is correct (this is as long as the order is “draft” or “pending”, otherwise you can’t edit its totals). Let me know


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