WooWeekly #372: Abandonment

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Anyhow, welcome back to WooWeekly, your appointment with WooCommerce tutorials, tips and updates handpicked for you so that you can learn something new!

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1. Brand New WooCommerce Content

WooCommerce Snippet: Stock Quantity Suffix e.g. “sq. in.”, “Kg”, “boxes”, etc.

Each WooCommerce business is different, which means customization is required to adapt the store to unique specifications. A clear example is the stock quantity. Not all stores can display the standard notice “11 in stock”. The display could change to “11 Kg in stock” if stock is based on weight. Or maybe “11 boxes in stock” or “11 pairs in stock” in case the package description is useful UX-wise. Also, “11 m3 in stock” if the business sells volumes. Either way, this is a nice trick to display a “stock quantity suffix” in your WooCommerce Single Product Page. Enjoy: https://www.businessbloomer.com/woocommerce-stock-quantity-suffix-e-g-sq-in-kg-boxes-etc/

WooCommerce Tutorial: Recover $$$ With a Cart Abandonment Plugin

Imagine having a customer who spends ages looking through your online store, adds several products to their cart – only to abandon the order at the last step. Frustrating, right? Abandoned carts are a significant problem for eCommerce store owners. In fact, research suggests the average cart abandonment rate is nearly 70%. This means that 7 in 10 customers abandon shopping carts, leading to a loss in sales and revenue for businesses. But what if there was a way around this? Using WooCommerce abandoned cart recovery plugins, you can engage visitors even after they’ve abandoned their carts and left your store to convert them into customers. In this article, we’ll explore the best plugins for abandoned cart recovery. But first, let’s understand how these plugins work and why you should use them: https://www.businessbloomer.com/woocommerce-recover-cart-abandonment-plugin/

WooCommerce Tutorial: WooCommerce mobile optimization guide

Today, over half of all internet usage comes from mobile devices. If you’re not optimizing your store to cater to multiple screen sizes, you’re going to miss out on a large segment of your target audience. That’s why we have this WooCommerce mobile optimization guide. What are the challenges of creating a great mobile experience? In this guide, we will examine how to optimize your WooCommerce store to create a fast and user-friendly mobile experience: https://www.godaddy.com/garage/woocommerce-mobile-optimization-guide/


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2. David’s WooCommerce Highlights

Here are a few notes written by David of PeachPay, WooWeekly co-author:

  1. Bonus Content Army: Chris Lema brought us the battle plan for a bonus content delivery system this week, involving the use of LearnDash, WooCommerce, FluentCRM, and WP Fusion. If you sell courses, you won’t want to miss this chance to capture more revenue. 
  2. Socialize the Login: Let your WooCommerce customers log in to your store with their social media credentials and reap the benefits in the form of increased conversions. Choose between over five plugins focusing on linking Facebook and Google accounts to your store. 
  3. Supercharge Subscriptions: The ultimate guide for running a successful subscriptions business has been released on the official WooCommerce blog, brought to you by the leading figure behind WooCommerce Subscriptions.


WooCommerce Tutorial: Save $$$ With Plugin Bundles

When creating and designing an ecommerce store, WooCommerce plugins are an excellent way to add new features and functionalities. But the struggle to find the right, suitable, and affordable plugins can be taxing and time-consuming – especially when there are so many to choose from. With such an overwhelming choice of plugins, purchasing and using them individually can get expensive as they often come with subscription fees. To avoid these issues altogether, some vendors offer “plugin bundles” or “club subscriptions”: with a single subscription you can get access to several, distinct WooCommerce plugins all at once – without compromising your store’s performance and safety or burning a hole in your pocket. So, let’s look at the top WooCommerce plugin bundles vendors and see if you can create a fully-functioning ecommerce store with a single purchase: https://www.businessbloomer.com/woocommerce-save-with-plugin-bundles/

WooCommerce Snippet: Display Selected Variation Info (price, weight, etc.) @ Single Product Page

We already saw how to get the “Variation ID” from the single product page once product attributes dropdown are selected. In that tutorial, we ran a jQuery “change” event once “input.variation_id” got updated. However, that only gives us access to the variation ID. What if I need to read the variation price, stock quantity, SKU, weight, and so on? Well, in such case, we need different code. Enjoy: https://www.businessbloomer.com/woocommerce-display-selected-variation-info-price-weight-etc-single-product-page/

WooCommerce Tutorial: Product Search Plugins to Enhance Customer Experience

Say you’re at a clothing store. You know exactly what you want to buy but have to go through the store’s entire catalog to find the product. Sounds like a pointless hassle, right? Now imagine you had a salesperson to assist you. This is exactly what a product search feature on your store can do for your customers. Product search allows customers to find items they’re looking for faster, improving their experience at your store and increasing the chances of a sale. We’ve done the legwork and compiled a list of some of the best WooCommerce Product Search plugins that can enhance your customers’ shopping experience. Let’s explore them: https://www.businessbloomer.com/woocommerce-product-search-plugins/


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