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Spoiler alert – please skip the next couple of paragraphs if you’re having a bad day.

Well, the sad day has come. My best friend here in Sicily, after a few weeks in hospital, has passed away. When something like this happens to a person of the same age, also a dad, and a very close friend, I guess you tend to “project” this on yourself, and wonder “what if this happens to me?“. Your brain starts spinning.

But I’ll try not to think about this, and accept an unacceptable death. I will always remember him – it happens that he was also my graphic designer, and helped me with the Business Bloomer rebranding back in 2019. So, his legacy lives on. RIP, my friend!

Anyhow… here’s your weekly round-up of WooCommerce tips and tricks. Enjoy!

Rodolfo Melogli


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WooCommerce Tips

WooCommerce: Set Product Upsells Programmatically

Upsells are a powerful tool, but manually entering them via the Edit Product page can be tedious. This tutorial dives into the world of programmatic WooCommerce product upsells, empowering you to leverage code for a dynamic and data-driven upsell strategy. [Business Bloomer]

WooCommerce: How To Set Up Accurate Paid Advertising Conversion Tracking

You see, the bottom line is this: when you can run a profitable paid ad campaign for your business, you can scale up. And to do so, you need good ads, a decent website, and accurate conversion tracking. [Business Bloomer]

How to Achieve Ecommerce Success in 2024

Looking to achieve ecommerce success this year? This guide is here to help. But there’s no universal way to do it. What works for others may not work for you. The key is to implement strategies that improve specific metrics of your ecommerce store that measure success. [Iconic]

Best Google Tag Manager Alternatives for WooCommerce conversion tracking

Google Tag Manager is one of the most popular tracking tools available to marketers. It offers a wide range of features to track data on websites and online stores. However, if you aren’t particularly tech-savvy, setting up Google Tag Manager on your online store can be challenging. [Sweetcode]


At SweetCode, we specialize in WooCommerce plugins to enhance ecommerce tracking and ad performance. Our flagship plugin, Pixel Manager Pro, offers precise ecommerce tracking to boost sales and reduce advertising costs; while the Google Automated Discounts plugin optimizes pricing for Google Shopping ads. Our plugins are designed for easy installation, compatibility, and effective support, emphasizing accurate tracking, seamless integration, and user-friendly setup. Get an exclusive 20% discount with coupon code: BBLOOMER

Our powerful WooCommerce plugins have been created from the ground up to help store owners boost sales and improve customer experience. IconicWP plugins are designed so you can customize your online store without any coding knowledge. Get an exclusive 20% discount with coupon code: WooWeekly20

ICYMI: WooCommerce Snippets

WooCommerce: Remove Second Item When Item Removed From Cart

This approach might be relevant for specific promotional offers (e.g. BOGO) or custom coded product bundles. In this case, you may want to remove a second item from the cart – programmatically – once a product is removed. [Business Bloomer]

WooCommerce: Deposit Payment @ Order Pay Page

What if we want the customer to pay a deposit / first installment / partial payment on the Order Pay page (say the order total is $999, and you want them to pay $111 only)? Well, we could use a URL parameter – if that’s present and the value is lower than the order total, we can “filter” the order total and let the customer pay whatever amount. [Business Bloomer]

WooCommerce: Add Content To “New Account” Welcome Email

First impressions matter, especially in ecommerce. When a customer creates an account on your WooCommerce store, the “Your {site_title} account has been created!” welcome email is your golden opportunity to solidify a positive connection. However, the standard WooCommerce email might fall short… [Business Bloomer]

WooCommerce: Simple Add To Cart Click Counter

By implementing an Add to Cart click counter, you gain a crucial piece of the puzzle, allowing you to calculate your conversion rate more accurately. You already have the number of product sales available, so with this additional piece of data you can assess how effective your product pages are. [Business Bloomer]

WooCommerce: Send Default Order Email For Custom Status Transition

What if you want to trigger the “Order Completed” email if the order status transitions from your custom order status to the “completed” one? Or what if you want to trigger the “Order On-hold” email beyond its default triggers? [Business Bloomer]

WooCommerce: Add Content To The “Order Pay” Page

The “Order Pay” page serves a specific purpose – allowing customers to complete payment for manually created orders. Let’s add some HTML content above the table, like a heading, some text, a banner, or whatever you may need to help the customer submit their payment asap! [Business Bloomer]

WooCommerce: Display Cross-Sells For All Purchased Products @ My Account

Are you looking to enhance the shopping experience for your customers on your WooCommerce store? One effective strategy is to display cross-sells for all purchased products on the “My Account” page. [Business Bloomer]


Lamper Design is a Dutch WordPress agency that develops custom WooCommerce websites. Our focus is on fast, conversion-oriented shops. We manage 200+ WooCommerce websites, providing hosting, maintenance, speed optimization, and security to ensure optimal performance on a daily basis. Additionally, we help our clients improve their visibility on Google by offering expert advice. Our agency is also part of the official WooExpert Program, so our specialists are always up-to-date.

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