WooWeekly #486: Cat Counters | Shipping Class ID | Product Page CRO

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Welcome back to WooWeekly, your weekly appointment with WooCommerce tutorials handpicked for you (and the other 18,725 subscribers), so that you can learn something new.

I’m super excited for tomorrow’s masterclass – Live Coding a “Deal of the Week” Functionality For WooCommerce – and the next one on Thur 21 – How to Find and Fix Slow Database Queries in WooCommerce by Brett Stone. I really hope to see all Business Bloomer Club lifetime members there – registrations are now open and you can submit your questions before the classes go live.

Anyhow, here’s your weekly round-up of WooCommerce tips and tricks. Enjoy!

Rodolfo Melogli


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WooCommerce Tips

WooCommerce: Product Category Counter Shortcode

Today, we’re looking at a way to add product category counters on the product category page, wherever you wish – in the title, inside the description, in a second description, in a custom block. All you need is a simple shortcode. Enjoy! by Rodolfo Melogli, Business Bloomer

WooCommerce: Show Shipping Class ID @ Shipping Class Admin Table

What if you need to actually display the IDs inside the shipping class table, so that it’s easier for the store admin to get and use such data? Well, this snippet will help you do that. And thanks to Peter for sharing most of the code! by Rodolfo Melogli, Business Bloomer

How to Build High-Converting WooCommerce Product Pages

Creating a product page that converts involves more than just adding an image and a price. It’s all about knowing your customer, anticipating their wants, and providing a seamless shopping experience that motivates them to take the next step. by Convesio

Introducing the New Flux Checkout Elements

Introducing Flux Checkout Elements, a powerful new feature designed to make WooCommerce checkout customization quicker, easier, and more flexible. by Gina Lucia, Iconic


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ICYMI: WooCommerce Snippets

WooCommerce: Set Default Shipping Class For All Products

Manually assigning a shipping class to each product can be tedious and time-consuming. Here’s where default product shipping classes come to the rescue! by Rodolfo Melogli, Business Bloomer

WooCommerce: Remove “incl. tax” “ex. tax” Labels From Cart / Checkout / Order Totals

This code tutorial is your guide to removing the “incl. tax” and “ex. tax” labels from your cart, checkout, and order totals in WooCommerce when your “Prices entered with tax” tax option is set to “Yes, I will enter prices inclusive of tax“. by Rodolfo Melogli, Business Bloomer

WooCommerce: Retrieve Paid Orders Only

At the moment there is no way to filter out free orders with a wc_get_orders parameter, so we need to find a workaround. My solution uses the “payment_method” parameter, which accepts a payment method ID; clearly, an order that comes with a specific payment method is a paid order. by Rodolfo Melogli, Business Bloomer

WooCommerce: Edit User Field @ My Account

WooCommerce users (customers) can edit some user data from the My Account page: name, email and password (Account details tab); and also billing and shipping addresses (Addresses tab). But what if we want to let customers set/edit their bio or their website URL, which are only editable from the WordPress edit profile page? by Rodolfo Melogli, Business Bloomer

WooCommerce Without Product Images

This is an edge case, however it may happen that a B2B business requires no product images and doesn’t want to use the WooCommerce image placeholder either (this shows on shop/category pages and the single product page when no featured image is added). by Rodolfo Melogli, Business Bloomer

WooCommerce: How To Set Up CRM & Email Marketing Integrations

In this post, I’ll walk you through the steps of connecting your WooCommerce store to top CRM and email service providers using the FuseWP plugin. You’ll learn how to automatically sync your customer data to your email list and assign tags and categories based on the products they purchase. by Rodolfo Melogli, Business Bloomer

WooCommerce: “Order Again” Button For Cancelled Status

The “ORDER AGAIN” button shows on the Thank You page after completing an order and on the individual View Order page within the customer’s My Account page, but only for completed orders. What if we want to enable this feature for processing orders as well? Or maybe for cancelled ones? by Rodolfo Melogli, Business Bloomer


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