WooWeekly #440: Sale Badge, Logout Redirect

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As I’m developing my new business line (WooCommerce Mini-Plugins), I finally got to talk with my accountant and the amazing good news is that I need to do nothing more than I already do in regard to handling tax. I feel much better now. I’ve now released 2 major plugin updates and 3 new mini-plugins in the last few days and I’m moving super fast. Let’s see how it goes! The 400 mini WooCommerce plugins mark is not that far (1.25% done as of today!).

Anyhow, back to useful WooCommerce stuff now – enjoy.

Rodolfo Melogli


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1. WooCommerce Tips & Tutorials

WooCommerce: Move Sale Badge Beside Price @ Single Product Page

The single product page template is laid out so that the SALE badge comes first, on its own line, then comes the product title, the product price on its own line, the short description, etc. As you can see, there is lots of white space on the right hand side, so let’s move the SALE badge right beside the price! ~ Rodolfo Melogli, Business Bloomer

WooCommerce: Custom Logout Redirect @ My Account

When you use separate Login and Registration pages, or whenever you have custom landing pages you wish your customers to see instead of the default My Account page, we can set a custom URL by code and safely redirect the just-logged-out customer there. ~ Rodolfo Melogli, Business Bloomer

How to Boost WooCommerce Site Speed & Avoid Slow Queries

If you have noticed your WooCommerce site speed isn’t performing as well as you expected, there is a good chance your customers are noticing too. In this article, we’ll discuss the root causes of slow WooCommerce sites (as well as slow WooCommerce queries) and what you can do to fix them. ~ Nexcess

2. ICYMI: WooCommerce Articles

WooCommerce: Product Description in a Shortcode!

It may be helpful to show the long product description of a given product in a custom WordPress page or post, so that you can use it as a teaser or anyway as a way to save some time instead of rewriting the whole thing. ~ Rodolfo Melogli, Business Bloomer

WooCommerce: Disable Orders Table Row Hyperlink @ Admin

What’s annoying sometimes is that the whole row is a clickable link, so if you need to copy and paste some information you will end up actually clicking on it, and being redirected to the single order page. ~ Rodolfo Melogli, Business Bloomer

WooCommerce: Change Address Format For a Specific Country

Now, what if you wanted to move the “company” before the customer name, or maybe have “address 1” and “address 2” on the same line, or move “postcode” to the last line? Well, thankfully there is a neat WooCommerce filter called “woocommerce_localisation_address_formats” that allows us to do just that – reformat any address for any country we wish. ~ Rodolfo Melogli, Business Bloomer

WooCommerce: Change “Buy Product” Label for External Products

So, here’s a super quick fix to override the “Buy Product” external add to cart button label to whatever you wish, without ever touching the manual settings. ~ Rodolfo Melogli, Business Bloomer

WooCommerce: Refresh Checkout Upon Any Input Field Change

In case you add custom checkout fields that may cause a difference in pricing, or you want to keep the checkout UX consistent, or you have some other kinds of logic, it may be useful to refresh the order review section after a change on any checkout field. ~ Rodolfo Melogli, Business Bloomer

WooCommerce: Add Content To Additional Information Tab @ Single Product Page

There are hooks, thankfully, that can help us display additional content in there, either above or below the attributes table. ~ Rodolfo Melogli, Business Bloomer


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