WooWeekly #358: WordPressopoly

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WooWeekly is put together by Rodolfo Melogli, founder at Business Bloomer, your go-to blog for WooCommerce tips and, for the month of September 2021, also by David Mainayar, co-founder at PeachPay, the backed-by-WooCommerce 1-click checkout solution. Bios below 🙂

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Today’s WooWeekly issue features our first ever newsletter sponsor. It’s thanks to their amazing generosity that we can find the time and resources to put all this content together. So, a round of applause for…

PeachPay, the 1-click checkout solution for WooCommerce

PeachPay, a WooCommerce-backed company, allows customers to check out with one click. PeachPay adds an “Express checkout” button to your product and cart pages. After clicking the button, there is a simple form that customers only see once. It saves customers’ information so that they never have to fill in their information on your site or any other site using PeachPay again. Install PeachPay in minutes and let your customers check out in seconds.

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Brand New (Woo)Content…

WooCommerce: Disable Attribute Select Unless Previous Is Selected (Variable Products)

On the single product page for a variable product, multiple dropdowns display so that users can select their desired attribute choice. In certain cases, you’d want them to follow the exact top-to-bottom attribute order while they’re selecting a specific variation. With that I mean that you want them to select the first attribute first, then the second, then the third… basically you want to disable the “next attribute select dropdowns” unless the previous select changes to a value that is not null. Better shown in an image than said, so here’s the GIF, and with that the PHP/jQuery snippet. Enjoy: https://www.businessbloomer.com/woocommerce-disable-select-unless-previous-selected-variable/

WordPressopoly: WordPress Acquisitions Are Not a Game Anymore

The WordPress ecosystem, and the unwalled WooCommerce garden contained within it, is experiencing a wave of consolidation, so much so that a webpage dedicated to tracking acquisitions now exists. Yesterday, LiquidWeb/StellarWP acqui-hired LearnDash LMS. A few days ago, WooCommerce acqui-hired SomewhereWarm, the team behind some of the most popular WooCommerce marketplace plugins. On September 8, 2021, Jetpack acquired Social Image Generator, which is a WordPress plugin that does what it says on the tin. On August 30, 2021, Automattic acqui-hired Frontity, to further develop Gutenberg and full site editing. The list of acquisitions is never-ending. And this wave won’t stop. So, what’s really happening, and why? https://www.businessbloomer.com/wordpressopoly-wordpress-acquisitions/

My million dollar to-do and got-done lists

In a post a couple of weeks ago I wrote my first public to-do list, together with an update regarding what I got done. It’s now 2 weeks later, and it’s important to see if I made any progress, if I’m moving in the right direction, and what I should focus on next week. It’s too early to talk about revenue after a few days of business development (I started this in early September), but for sure I can say I’m delighted I’ve already sold $700 worth of sponsorships for WooWeekly, without any sort of marketing or direct emailing (this makes me wonder why I didn’t think of sponsorships in the previous 356 WooWeekly issues). Anyhow, let’s recap my to-do business development list, and then see what I got done so far. At the end, I will define what I’m working on next week based on the diff: https://rodolfomelogli.com/my-million-dollar-to-do-and-got-done-lists/

What’s the ONE thing that you believe should be added to WooCommerce core?

I started a nice conversation on Twitter, and many WooCommerce developers and store owners posted their opinion. What’s really missing from WooCommerce core? Let me know here: https://twitter.com/rmelogli/status/1439911465360637954

David’s (Woo)Highlights of the Week…

Here are a few notes written by David of PeachPay, this week’s WooWeekly co-author!

  1. Newest WooCommerce UpdateWooCommerce Version 5.7 is here as of yesterday in accordance with the team’s monthly development schedule. Expect more information about the meat and potatoes of this version and the community response in next week’s edition of WooWeekly
  2. Integrations are King: Chris Lema’s back with another useful blogpost about a plugin growth lever too few developers make use of: integrations. While the parable/joke/riddle segue is not the fedora-sporting raconteur’s best work, there are plenty of insights here.
  3. Import Shopify to WooCommerce: the WP Beginner team has created a WordPress plugin that lets you import your Shopify store to WordPress and WooCommerce. There is even a guide to go with it. Could this be one small step for the merchant, and one giant leap for the platform?
  4. Creating an Automation SaaS: Bob Dunn’s Do the Woo episode with Artbees’ Maziar Firoozmand is not one to miss if you’re interested in SaaS automation
  5. WooCommerce Blocks: yet another WooCommerce Blocks update, bringing us to Version 5.9.0. More work on the Checkout block!
  6. WordPressopoly: it’s the board game you never thought you needed. A mockup has been featured in the recent Business Bloomer blog post I wrote on WordPress/WooCommerce consolidation


WooCommerce: Show Product Images @ Checkout Page

The Order Review section of the WooCommerce Checkout Page shows the product name, quantity and subtotal. No sign of the product image, which can be very useful to identify/differentiate between similar products or product variations. Enjoy: https://www.businessbloomer.com/woocommerce-show-product-images-checkout-page/

WooCommerce: WooExpert Roundup

There are currently 28 WooExperts according to WooCommerce, which defines WooExperts as “hand selected high quality experts that understand our products”: https://www.businessbloomer.com/woocommerce-wooexpert-roundup/

WooCommerce: Exploring the Codebase

WooCommerce is a plugin with a large and complicated codebase. If you’re a developer, understanding the underlying code in detail is hugely beneficial, and will almost certainly pay dividends in the long term: https://www.businessbloomer.com/woocommerce-exploring-the-codebase/

From analytics to business growth

In a post a couple of weeks ago I said that data is everything. Without analytics it’s impossible to grow an online business and make the right choices. Let’s not waste time. Here are my historical analytics for the last 10 years: https://rodolfomelogli.com/from-analytics-to-business-growth/

WooCommerce: Create An Order From Another Website!

How do you create a WooCommerce order on one website when an event occurs on another website? Enjoy: https://www.businessbloomer.com/woocommerce-create-an-order-from-another-website/

WooCommerce: Top Product Recommendation Plugins

In this blog post, we will focus our attention on those plugins that let merchants make recommendations on product and cart pages, regardless of whether the shopper has loaded the cart with anything: https://www.businessbloomer.com/woocommerce-product-recommendation-plugins/

WooCommerce: Top 7 Dropshipping Plugins (2021)

If you want to take your dropshipping store to the next level and butter-smooth everything from inventory management and listing to product and supplier selection with plugins – this article is for you. Enjoy: https://www.businessbloomer.com/woocommerce-dropshipping-plugins/

TGIF: Biz Dev Fridays

What will Biz Dev Fridays look like at Business Bloomer HQ? Read more to see how I’m getting organized and how I plan on working: https://rodolfomelogli.com/tgif-biz-dev-fridays/

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